My name is Arijah, and I reside in Middle Tennessee. I'm a self taught freelance graphic artist with a focus on esoteric art, both digital and organic.
I've been an artist my entire life. I have a concentration on graphic design with 13+ years in the field, and my work has been featured in various publications, from magazines and books to movies and album art.
I work in multi-media, using various tools and canvases, from simple logo and production designs to wall murals and folk paintings. I am also proficient in virtual world designs and business.
My personal art frequently reflects darker subject matter, but you can feel confident in knowing that I am comfortable with various paradigms.
I have a strong professional work ethic, and my art and experience is ever evolving.
I won't waste my time or yours; so with that being said, I feel it necessary to tell you exactly who I am and what I'm about just in case you find my personal aesthetic an issue for you.
I'm ecclectic and a bit eccentric; a happy corpse bride with a dead cat, weird plants, and a few Gothlings.
I also do taxidermy art, collect old medical thingies and stuff dead things into jars.
I like to have fun, I refuse to grow old, and refuse to die.
I'm a Poe devotee, and a Gaiman/Burton/King/Shelley/Lovecraft/Romero/Waters hybrid weirdo with a touch of Troma and Raimi.
I'm a combat boot and broomstick skirt wearing, black hat donning, Horrorpunk heart with a black metal soul.
On Fridays I'm in love, and it's always time for tea.
I've got my feet in the air and my head on the ground, and work inside out and frequently backwards...and if you caught all of those hidden references, we're friends already.
I love classic and cult film, picnics in cemeteries, weird tea parties and wild pirate tavern raids.
I like puzzles and riddles, and mystery and magic. 
I am interested in and do a lot of stuff.
I'm good at what I do and am always learning something new. I like to teach and am ever a scholar.
I appreciate constructive crticism, am open to suggestions.
I'm housetrained and play well with others.
I despise predjudice.I'm not rude, but I say what I mean.
I don't lie, steal, beat around the bush or pull punches and I respect others who do the same.
If you want treats with no tricks...I'm your girl.

I Provide:
*Thought-provoking and passionate designs.
*Original art and graphics for your project or product.
*Experienced, time sensitive and direct work.
*Open lines of communication between client and artist.

Digital Art
*Commissions and licensed work.

*Personalized cards, presentations and gifts.
*Flyers, posters, banners and signs.
*Logos, social media and website graphics.
*Stationary sets.
*Texture sets and virtual 2D graphics.
*Book, magazine and album art.
*Stock imagery.
*Post Production.
Photography & Video
*Architectural and landscape photography.
*Promotional portrait photography.
*Product photography.
*Short animations, compilations and video promotions.

*Original promotional music, collaborations and licensed short scores.

Folk Art
*Paintings, collages, murals, organic, clay and beaded crafts.

*logo jewelry design
- "For the Love of Monsters: Best of The Monsters Next Door" by L.B. Goddard - Book cover (2008)
- "Diary of the Antichrist" by David Cherubim in association with the Aleister Crowley Foundation -Book cover. (December 2012)
- Darkfaery Subculture Magazine: Version 11: Volume 1: Issue 4 Featured Cover. (April 2012)
- Grave magazine - Covers and site graphics. (2015 to current)
- "Drusilla" by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn- Book cover art, site graphics and illustrations. (In Production 2017)
- "The Devil's Oracle" by Mizdimma DeSade & Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn. Tarot deck design and book art. (October 2017)
- "Transcendental Aeonic Majik" by ZYN -Album art and site graphics. (2009)
- "Project Archangel" by Project Archangel -Album art, site graphics, photography and postwork.(2010)
- "Dragon" by ZYN - Album art, site graphics, photography and postwork. (2011)
- "The Haunted" by ZYN - Album art and site graphics. (2011)
- "Shattered" by Souless Affection - Album art. (2012)
- "A Witches Garden" by ZYN - Album art. (2012)
- "Leocadia" by Christine Plays Viola - Album art. (2013)
- "Closet Space" by The Unquiet Void - Album art for movie soundtrack. (2013)
- "Lair of the Ice King" by ZYN - Album art. (2015)
Netography, Photography, Virtual World & Radio
-Ravynmoon-product photography and video, site graphics and product promotional ads.
-The Gothic Poet Society-Site graphics and flyers.
-The Curious Tea Sorority-Site graphics and flyers
-NecroBunny-Site graphics and album cover.
-The Eternal Beloved-Site graphics, video, photography and postwork.
-Nocturnal Paranormal-Site graphics, video, photography and postwork.
-Dance with the Dead radio-Site graphics, virtual world production, posters and flyers. Show intros, sweepers and D.J. drops.
-Ghost Story Apparel-product photography, site graphics, product promotional ads and virtual world production.
-Botanica Diabolique-product photography, site graphics and product promotional ads.
-The October House-blog photography, site graphics and product promotional ads.
-Ravenwood Arts & Curios-product photography, site graphics, product promotional ads and virtual world production.

 "Arijah designed the amazing cover for my book 'Diary of the Antichrist.' Her gothic art for the cover gives an appropriate symbolic impression of the soul and nature of the book. It is my favorite work of art, a unique combination of The Devil and The Hierophant of Tarot, and a powerful portrayal of the effects of such a magical union." –David Cherubim (Musician, Author and Occultist)

 "Arijah Ankh Khalid Zyn is hands down my favorite artist. I have gone to her countless times, for work and NEVER have I been let down. She can take a rendered image or photograph and turn it into an amazing work of art. All her work is deep and mesmerizing. I honestly wish I had just half of the skills she possesses. Her promotionals for my products have been well captured and in my opinion, the driving force in my sales. She is a wizard in decoration of virtual reality worlds, while most people are bogging down the program with 3d mesh models with outlandish resource usage, she can create better effects with 2d resources from scratch, that didn't bog down program resources. She is very easy to get along with, and will offer suggestions along the way, but will deliver what you ask for. I will always go to her first, before I consider using any other art designer." -Mizdimma DeSade (Artist, Author, Musician and Occultist)

 "Renaissance woman and mystical diva, Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn, has held a career as a talented esoteric artist for quite some time. Remarkably, Arijah was able to gain a lot of business through raw skills, networking, and some good old-fashioned word of mouth. I’ve worked with Arijah on a few projects and find her sense of professionalism, along with the personal interest she takes in every project, very impressive. Arijah has spent her entire life on mastering the art she produces. Due to her broad life experience, Arijah is able to find common ground in interpreting the reality you would like to see projected for her customer base." -Warlock Asylum (Musician, Author and Occultist)

Ravynmoon-Publishing Company specializing in hand bound books and indie media.
Grave Magazine-Para-Anthro/Archaeo (dead things, dead people, their stories, ghost stories and legends)periodical featuring art, poetry, photography, and short stories.
The Eternal Beloved- Collation of historiography and urban legend.We're lovingly known as "graveyard rabbits". I consider myself a "necrobunny". ;) (see below)
The Gothic Poet Society- Gothic literature group devoted to discussing, reading, and writing Gothic texts, established in 1986.
Ghost Story-Our Shop.
Drusilla - My young adult, Lovecraftian inspired book series, currently in production.
ZYN music - A long term music project of mine with a focus on ritual and meditative music. A lot of what I make is available to download for free.
NecroBunny - My music project that hasn't completely *hopped* off the ground yet.

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