September 16, 2019
Taking Back Me

I've been here before. I'm one of those people that have deleted myself from Facebook, hmmm...3 times now. I tell me "friends" when I'm about to do so out of respect. Not for attention...I fucking hate attention. I don't do it because I'm hormonal, or "out of sync" or any other reason other than at some point I ALWAYS come back to the same scenario; the same feels, if you will, about what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and what the repercussions are...and every time it's the same thing: I don't trust Facebook.

Truth be known, I don't trust anything on the internet anymore. What was designed to help people simplify their lives and help make better connections quickly became a tool for an authority to use to incriminate, disseminate, and what I beleive ultimately will decimate any and all perceived personal privacy.

You can take your minority reports, and your data carving, and facial recog and shove them far up your ass.

I'm watching the definitions change. I'm feeling the impact.
Now, what damage I've already done, is done. I get that. However, I refuse to give any more blood to the machine. I remember how to do it old school. I preferred to do it the old ways, and I plan on getting back that comfortable, tangible, personal way of doing things.

No one ever pays attention to the warning shots. They go about their every day, probably numb from being bombarded with so much of it for so long. I wish people would see through the smokescreen. Unfortunately, most won't. Not my problem. Well, I guess until "they come for me", like the old addage implies.

If folks come round, cool. Have a question? Ask me. Want to keep up, well, it'll probably take a bit more leg work. I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just redefining what tools I use, instead of being defined by what tools use me.

Instagram is still my main social network. Yes, I realize who owns it. I just find it's easier to control, less congested with drama like the FB experiment, and more artistically focused.
You really can't just get up on Insta and vent. You need to post a picture and then vent, and most people don't like the extra step.

I still have a Pinterest. Still have a Tumblr. Still have a Twitter. The difference is that I don't use them for anything personal, and that seems to be the key here for me.
As a result of remvoing myself from the FB cosmos, all of the pages I run will go poof too. That's ok though. As I said before, it's something I was edging towards doing anyway.
My focus is on our websites. Anything that is added to another platform will do so through the websites, such as this, my page, the Ghost Story Page, and all of the sub-pages that flow through them.

Bottom line is I'm on the internet to network associates, not friends. If I've learned anything from the internet, it's that relationships are rarely made here, especially those as fragile and compromising as "friendships".
I'm not looking to debate, I'm just stating where I'm at today. This is my truth. My feelings. My course of action and reaction.
Fueled by Venus Rx? Nope. Fanned by it, most likely...and that is not such a bad thing for someone who really needed the fire up under her, lit.

Back to the old ways...photoalbums and scrapbooks, and meetings face to face. A newspaper on my doorstep. A phone that rings.

My time back, my eyes back.

August 20, 2018
12:20 am.
I've been sitting here designing a personal deck of divination cards.
I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I never gave myself the time. Always this and that for work, or to sell, or whatever...and then today...I said, yep. Today is that day. :)
As I'm designing them, I'm reflecting on the old traditional decks. (aka: Those in the Golden Dawn tradition); the Waite in particular, and I came to realize that I really, really don't like the symbolism anymore.
It never used to matter. I mean, I have always read the trad deck...but for some reason, like a shock through my system, I looked at the hierophant and wanted to set it on fire.
I started taking others into account, and dismissed or negated them entirely in my personal deck, keeping only the ones I genuinely liked, or thought useful.
I don't need nor want any popes, or towers of babel, and for can shove the book of revelation/biblical references up somebody else's ass.
Matter of fact, unless it's a trad tarot, I'm uncomfortable with calling it anything other than a divination deck. Tarot/torah...ummm no thanks.

August 18, 2018

I pulled a muscle in my back last night. After heat and some ibuprofen, it is a lot better. It still hurts like hell, but at least now, it's tolerable.

I think it may have been brought on by sitting in a "bad" chair. LOL
I've been trying to get a lot done on the websites. I was able to get 4 of the investigation pages up on The Eternal Beloved, yesterday. It's time consuming.
Today I worked on the blog a little, and will get back to the T.E.B. stuff later in the week.